• Training courses in Dental Decoding consisting of 4 modules:
  • The first one is of Bases and General Concepts
  • The second is Orthodontic Problems
  • The third is of Periodontal Problems
  • These first 3 modules are two days long each one.
  • The fourth module is a 4-day nature retreat that is meant to feel our teeth and understand their emotional load.

This training IS NOT exclusive for Dentists since it is designed to be accessible to all types of people since dental decoding as a tool is a path of self-knowledge and unmasking of unconscious psycho-emotional conflicts.

Detailed Program

  • First Module Program : Bases of Dental Decoding
  • Emotional process of cavity formation.
  • Simbology and mythology applied to decoding
  • Relation between dynamics and dental symbology
  • Sectorization of conflicts by quadrants
  • The dental groups according to their emotional representation.
  • Discussion of representativeness of each tooth

Second Module Program: General concepts of deciduous teeth and their conflictual interpretation.

  • Positions and bone forms and their emotional origins.
  • Diagnosis of emotional personality through:
  • Types of bite and Biotypes.
  • Dental bad positions.
  • Agenesias and teeth included.
  • Supernumerary teeth
  • Forms and positions of dental roots.
  • Interpretation of panoramic rx.

Third Module Program: Concepts and symbolic significance of buccal and paradental tissues.

  • Diagnosis of Spiritual and Egoic Identity through the paradential state.
  • Concepts of valorization / devaluation and its relation to identity through the 5 ways of expression of the gums.
  • Gingivitis and Periodontitis and its relationship with the dynamics of integration to a group.
  • Conceptual decoding of diseases of coating and tongue tissues.
  • Interpretation of external influences through Bruxism and occlusion diseases.

Fourth Module Program

In this module the concepts learned in the previous modules are investigated through feeling the teeth in a physical way.

This is a very particular technique that is learned through group work and in pairs … and in this way each student can find, identify and face their own blockages.

It is for this reason that this module is a 4 day retreat in nature where the whole group lives and shares all the isolated experiences of the routine.

This is undoubtedly the most important module, since it is capable of profoundly changing our lives.

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