Teeth are unique structures in our body that have the particularity of being covered by dental enamel that is a crystal, that if we analyze it microscopically, there are millions of microcrystals that have electromagnetic polarity and as such, have the physical capacity to store information of binary form instantly changing this polarity in resonance with emotional shocks, which affect certain areas of the cerebral cortex also affect certain dental areas.

Dental Decoding is a powerful tool of self-knowledge through the teeth, which brings us a way to know the suffering experienced by our ancestors, and which is encoded in the position and shape of the teeth and their roots.

Each type of bite and dental arch shape is transmitting the information that the genealogical tree of each person has developed to move the subject away from the emotional suffering, which for the unconscious is equivalent to the danger of death.

Remembering that the unconscious always seeks survival in the next moment, and that we use the same logic for dental decoding that for the rest of the organism, we can also look for the active conflicts and those in reparation that the patient is living in HIS actual life.

The analysis of the different dental and paradental pathologies is extremely valuable and sometimes irreplaceable to reach the real or symbolic origin of the root conflict of the individual’s suffering.

One of the fundamental tools that we use in dental decoding in addition to the clinical examination of the patient is the study of panoramic radiography (orthopantomography) where we can analyze several factors that are not visible to the naked eye, among others the shape and position of the dental roots.

Using this technique we will discover ourselves as indispensable and unique parts in the gearing of our family tree, but with the ability to heal for ourselves and all our wounded ancestors that have marked the unconscious course of our destiny.

Brief C.V.

He has been a dentist since 2000, received from the University of the Republic in Montevideo, Uruguay.
He has been teaching since 1999 in the chair of occlusion and prosthodontics of this University and has a specialty in implants and orthodontics.
In 2007 he started his path in Biological Decodification.
As of 2009, he studied Total Biology with Professor Enrique Bouron, which he repeated several times to perfect himself.
He is a trained teacher and qualified by Dr. Christian Beyer
From 2012, he began his journey in dental decoding with Dr. Christian Beyer in Europe, who is the creator of Dental Decoding.

Short Formation Description

After having been authorized, Dr. Fabian Brotos begins to give training courses in Dental Decoding consisting of 4 modules:

– The first one is of bases and general concepts
– The second is orthodontic problems
– The third is of periodontal problems

These first 3 modules are two days long each one.

– The fourth module is a 4-day nature retreat that is meant to feel our teeth and understand their emotional load.

This training IS NOT exclusive for Dentists since it is designed to be accessible to all types of people since dental decoding as a tool is a path of self-knowledge and unmasking of unconscious psycho-emotional conflicts.

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